I am a native Italian born and raised in Milano

After obtaining a BA in languages I joined the Brera Academy and then NABA ( Nuova Accademia Belle Arti ) where I studied painting with Claudio Olivieri, a well known abstract painter.

I arrived in New York in 2012 and after a brief period at the Arts Students league  I joined the National Academy School for a 2-year certificate: here I worked on sculpture, mixed media, painting, and collage.

I am now in the New York Studio School determined to give a more consistent and defined shape to my work. 



In my work I try to depict the constant striving of humankind; that persistent longing to reach that perfect "elsewhere” which actually already exists inside all of us. 

Sometimes we think we’ve reached our ideal target, only to fall down again.  One thing is certain, life is about change and we can never stay still; we strive, we search, we struggle, we arrive, we fail, we fall, we get up again.  This movement of constant striving, be it completely invisible and internalized and/or acted out externally, is at the core of most of our lives.  The key is in the process and not in the destination, though as human beings we often fail to notice this as we continue to be led our longings.

Sometimes we catch a brief glimpse of the truth that lies beneath the surface of our existence: what is real is the present moment and only with this we can work and only to this moment we must be faithful. 

Each individual work informs the media that I eventually use and I am open to working in all kinds of media; painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, textiles

I have found a rich source of inspiration in the works Joseph Beuys, Lucio Fontana, Louise Bourgeois, Giosetta Fioroni and the Der Blaue Reiter movement.